woman is powerful generator of healthy society!

u know in our Hindu’s original language Sanskrit 1 shloka
(verses)abt a wife! Karyeshu mantri! Karneshu
dasi!shayanesu Rambha ! Bhojyesu mata ! dukhesu mitra
! n dharmeshu chhaya ! it means is that a peract wife
treats like a mother when m hungry n needs food! She
works like a secretary of the home! in matter of
secrecy she did the job like honest n loyal servant !
in sorrow she become a true friend 2 gives mental N
moral , physical support! N in bed she gaves u
happiness of heaven!
Indian culture n society respects woman lots! coz
woman only can make home n society happy! A well
cultured mother can poured the knowledge n discipline
more than 100 teachers! Where is the woman gets
respects that society can b liken heaven! The real
tears n bad wishes of woman may destroy whole society!
Woman is the not an instrument of happiness but she is
the power of nature ! Power of love ! Power of mercy!
Power of great patience!

Women Are Honored Where, Divinity Blossoms There (Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata)
Womanhood has been reverenced in the ancient Indian culture as a manifestation of divine qualities. Womanhood is a symbol of eternal virtues of humanity expressed in compassion, selfless love and caring for others. The Indian philosophers of yore (the rishis) considered that the seeds of divinity grow and blossom in a truly cultured society where women are given due respect and equal opportunities of rise and dignity. The scriptures and later works on Indian culture and philosophy stand witness to the fact that women indeed receive high recognition and respect in the Vedic age. The contribution of women rishis in making the ancient Indian culture a divine culture were not less than those of their male counterparts. In the later ages too, women had always been integral part of cultural, social and intellectual evolution of the human society.

In spite of the declining phase of medieval era, where suppression and exploitation of women occurred at a faster pace than moral devaluation, women continued to prove their existence in every dimension of life. Though less in numbers, these endeavors of valor, bravery, struggle against untoward traditions, dedication for social welfare, scientific investigations, etc, were significant in terms of positive contributions.

Altruist service has been an area where the glory of women always shines brighter than that of men. Every woman, by nature, offers great service to her family and thereby to the society too. Her motherly sentiments are bestowed on almost everyone who comes in her contact. Many women have also made extraordinary contributions against all odds to the service of mankind at the national and global levels.

As a tribute to the expression of thee in womanhood, this volume presents a compilation of glorious works during the current millenium of women across the globe in different domains and under different circumstance of life.

The first chapter of this volume focuses on the great women whose revolutionary endeavors are significant in the modern history of religion, literature, politics, etc. The list of descriptions here includes – Rani Rasmani, Ma Shardamani, Durgavati, Amrapali, Ahilyabai, Lakshmibai, Talash Kunwar, Jijabai, Anandibai, Yesubai, Joan of Arc, Madame Kama, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Preetilata, Sarojini Naidu, Sarah Beanheart, Louis Michelle, Joyo Kosmode, Sophie Borden, Sokki Pero, Sister Cheval, Jamila, Udosiya, Ms Martha etc. The second and third chapters encompass the brief biographies and glorious deeds of the women who had dedicated themselves for the noble cause of social service.

The second chapter covers a large number of such great personalities from India such as – Kasturba Gandhi, Muthulakshmi Reddy, Kamala Nehru, Prabhavati Devi, Dr. Merry Poonam Lucoz, Asha Devi, Rajkumari Amrat Kaur, Rama Bai Dongare, Mai Harshe, Ramabai Ranade, Pisanhari, Madame Blawetski, Tara Cheriyan, Yashodhara Dasappa, Chandravati Rathore, Isabelle Thorben, Katherine Hellion, Merriam Lester, Margaret Cousins, Mother Teresa, etc. Those from the rest of the world highlighted in the third chapter include – Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Fri, Anna Freud, Maria Montessori, Henry Clover, Merry Jean, Merry Scott, Ms. Emily, Sujuko, Dr. Keith Campbell, Doreen Chiang-Chi Chec, Dr. Sakori, Angela Davis, Donna Lillian, Jayini Marx, Claudia Johnson, etc.

Major contributions to the women liberation movement in the 19th and 20th century were made by the ladies who, along with looking after their familial and professional responsibilities had come forward for emancipation and constructive support of their less privileged, poor and helpless ‘sisters’. Chapter four describes how the Indian women like Mrs.Kama Devi Chattopadhaya, Tahira, Devi Mai, Abala Basu, Subbulakshi, Mrs. Savarkar, Urmila Shastri, Shivdevi, Kamalabai Hospeth, Lalitha Shastri, Anna Chandy, Dr. Iravati Karve, Jahanara, first woman engineer of India – Ms. Lalitha, etc, and the foreigners like Mrs. Roosevelt, Sarah Hela, Fillice Whitely, Emily Greenville, Jean Adams, Sigrid Anisette, Nancy Ester, Marguerite Mitchell, Evezlene Booth, Harriet Stowe, Marguerite Sanger, etc, could accomplish this with the strength of their serene character, devotion of talents and strong will-power…
…The glorious biographies of the courageous women presented in the last chapter make us feel that womanhood, if charged with internal urge and will-power can indeed prove to be supernormal. The lives of Helen Keller, Phinavarakini, Alexandra Neil, Sara Fuller, Ms. Jones, Edith Bone, Kusum Kacchwaha, Dedi Morse, Sheila Scott, Sevati, Kantaben, Ms. Karlvin, etc, deserve special mention in this regard. Some of these women were physically handicapped by birth or were virtually made so by the circumstances. They not only overcame these adversities by their zeal and mental power and made best use of their other faculties for the welfare of many others and set shining examples even for the healthy and fortunate ones to excel the available talents and potentials for better purposes worth the purpose of human life.

This volume gains special weightage in the context of the state of women in the modern society. Virtually all over the world, the status of women could be broadly classified – with obvious variation according to the type and intensity of the effects of different circumstances of their lives – into two broad categories: liberated and well off ones and the relatively poor, weak, ignorant and oppressed ones. By and large, majority of the women in the first category too are subjected to direct or indirect exploitation. Free-sex, commercialization of beauty and woman’s body in the present age of advertisements is a curse on womanhood in the name of ‘liberation and forwardness’. This has added to the social anarchy, sex-scandals, and psychological perversion in the materialistically developed countries.

Women in the developing countries and the rest of the world are facing worst effects of the mushroom growth of the ‘mixed culture’ in the ‘civilized’ and ‘westernized’ sections of their societies. The second category of sufferers is found in majority here. In India alone, the number of rapes and deaths due to dowry related conflicts has risen to the extent which would make humanity cry over with shame.

Most of the Indian women in the second category are not even aware of their fundamental rights and equality of justice granted to them by the constitution. Despite several attempts from the governmental fronts and constant campaign and creative projects undertaken by several women and social welfare organizations, the dawn of total liberation and justice appears to be far from their sight. Apart from their literacy and upliftment, a lot more needs to be done towards educating the male members of their families too.

Acharya Sharma was a great spiritual saint and social reformer who could feel the pains and agonies of all beings. He and his wife Smt. Bhagawati Devi Sharma had offered support and help towards elevating the status of women in average Indian society. They had also enlightened the lives of many deprived ladies by inspiring their family members to give them due respect and affection. They had donated their own property for the cause of social welfare. The first Girls’ Intermediate College started by them in the interior of North India in a village (Amalkheda) near Agra stands among the visible monuments of their altruist service.

Acharya Sharma and his wife had initiated effective programs of women’s welfare and arousal of the power of womanhood under the banner of “Nari Jagaran Abhiyan” of their “Yug Nirman” mission. The present volume is also a part of the awareness campaign under this noble effort. It should help educe self-confidence and internal strength in women as most of them would naturally feel proud of being women after reading or listening about the inspiring lives and almost miraculous and immortal deeds of so many great women of the present era. The eloquent discussions given in this volume would also make it an important source of thoughtful guidance for all those who seriously want to do something for improving the status of women…

…Acharya Sharma was among the very few scholarly saints who had initiated mass education programs from the religious front, emphasizing the need for betterment of the condition of women in all respects. He had warned the leaders of the nation and the supposed ‘Architects’ of the society that – “no society, no nation could rise and substantially benefit from any kind of developmental programs if half of its population, viz., the women and girls, live in a practically handicapped and suppressed state. How can one remain healthy if half of his body is virtually paralyzed or is weakened severely?”

Man and woman are complementary to each other. Both together form the family and thus contribute to the making of the society, nation and the world as a whole. Gain or loss of one in any form is that of the other too. The orthodox, egotist or selfish men, who consider woman as the ‘weaker sex’ must understand that the rise and amelioration of women’s status is going to be of greater help to men too. There is no reason for them to be suspicious of losing their own power and rights which they deserve because of their own virtues and share in the society.

The seeds of good or bed tendencies are sown in the child’s mind by the mother only. She is the first teacher of the new generation. A healthy, morally refined and talented mother can train her child better and therefore offer better citizens to the society too. Noting the need of refinement of talents and awakening of righteous intellect in these moments of – ‘threat to the very survival of humanity’, it becomes all the more important to work on war-footing to let womanhood blossom in full spring and help turn the present scenario towards the better side. Deliberations cited in this volume convincingly make it clear that women can indeed lead the world towards a bright future because of the natural power of their zeal, pure sentiments, courage, endurance and determination.

In his arduous attempts towards resurrecting the divine values of the Indian culture, Acharya Shriram Sharma has pioneered what could be normally termed as miraculous on different horizons for social, intellectual and spiritual elevation of men and women. On religious front too, he had successfully brought the true knowledge of Gayatri and Yagya within the reach of all humans without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex or social status, etc and revived the original philosophies of the Vedic age in scientific light. The clairvoyance of this spiritually empowered sagacious scholar has assured the world of a bright future in store and has declared the 21st century as the “Century of Women.”


About lotusindia4universalbrotherhood

m WRITER, POET, SOCIAL WORKER N professionally an engineer working with MNC in oil n gas sector! I m here for THE DIVYA, IDEAS BASE ON THOUGHTS OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA & MAHATMA GANDHI WHO WERE STRONGLY BELIEVED THAT AND GIVEN THE MESSAGE TO NATION AND THEIR FOLLOWERS FOR VILLAGE PROGRESS AND YOUTH AWAKENING. AFTER THINKING LOTS ON THE PLATFORM OF PRESENT SCENARIO DECIDE TO ESTABLISH ONE NGO WITH THE HELP OF DEDICATED YOUTH OF THE NATION, NRI'S & INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WHO BELIEVES IN HUMANITY. THE ORGANISATION CALLS DEDICATED INDIANS FOR VILLAGES AND YOUTH AWAKENING, ITS SHORT FORM IS D.I.V.Y.A. WHICH MEANS DIVINE....! DIVYA'S main aim is to serve the poor villagers, gives education to the children who are not going to school in their childhood, make availability of drinking water, to avoids wastage of rainy water provide grants to dig the ponds. Provide basic medical facility. last but not least to make Indians youth realize their duties towards the nation, towards their family, towards their own career them selves to utilize their potential & dynamic energy for nation's progress. Actually the base of all the relationship on the truth- trust -transparency & faith . when V start to build such thing this base should b there and I'm sure in life's all stage if V 'll ask a question to our soul will found this is true because truth is always for welfare of society and then by this base v can make society happy ! and I believes that whole universe is our society ( in our VEDAS - the authentically base book of HINDUISM the sentence is that which I've always adopt in my heart that "vasudhaiv kutumbkam" - means whole world is your family ! , just like the holy ' BIBLE ' ! u know my b'day is on Christmas ! ) u know I have never read any complete novel /poet in English or other languages but I writes in HINDI - our national language & my mother tongue Gujarati _ ( remember Gujarat - on Jan /26 /2001 earthquake convert our so much towns in to debris ruins ! ), I have a language of heart only and think it is enough to reach everybody's heart ! when our heart is clear , when our intention is honest then u can catch the waves of thought of other's also just like mirror - when mirror surface is clear reflection will clear ! My name is Kamalesh the means of my name the " God of lotus" it's our God's name Vishnu - God for operation as per Hinduism there are main 3 acts of the GOD ! G - GENERATOR O - OPERATOR D- DESTROYER . but I don't think I'm God but yes believes that all human being can be a GOD by three activities (" KARMA" - Sanskrit word ) but I want to be first a Good & nice human being and be with always for poor people who always struggled to survive so they can b live like human ! until the poverty 'll in this world v can b never happy - we have to destroy the darkness of the illiterate - poverty - selfishness ! one day the sun of happiness will rise in the world and that day I will b more happiest person in the universe ! may GOD bless us ! JAI HIND..............!
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  1. adv.kpu@gmail.com says:

    Ya, Women is powerful,
    Ambe Maa, jagdambaa,
    Thanks it is must.
    Man without women is half part in life.
    After every successful man there is a women.

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